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Rabbi Yogi’s Summer Series

Jul 8th, 2016 by Chana Barak | 0

Here is the first class of Rabbi Yogi’s series on the 13 principles of faith of Maimonidies.

Class #1 deals with the question “Does Torah make you a better person” and the question of what is so unique about the 13 principles that Maimonidies chose these 13 specifically.

Next tuesday night, July 12, we will ask the question whether there is a Jewish concept of a “leap of faith” and begin looking at the first beliefs in the 13 principles.

Feel free to forward this recording to anyone who you think might enjoy the recording, and of course all are welcome to join for the ongoing classes of this series, the next 4 Tuesday nights at DATA of Plano at 7:45 pm – 9 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Tuesday,

Rabbi Yogi Robkin



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