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rd Annual “Dairy Delights” Shavuos Kiddush

May 13th, 2015 by Chana Barak | 0

Dear DOP Congregants,

We are happy to announce the upcoming Data of Plano 3rd Annual “Dairy Delights” Shavuos Kiddush on Monday, May 25th!

As in previous years, this is a great opportunity to sign-up for any of your very special dishes/treats, either dairy or parve (we want to be sure that anyone who might have issues with dairy products will still be able to enjoy some parve dishes) that you may want to contribute for the Kiddush.

This year, all items should be brought to the Data of Plano Center before beginning of Shabbos, on Friday, May 22nd.
Following are some of the categories you may consider:

Kugels (which will be served cold or at room temperature)
Pasta dishes
Chalav Yisrael Dishes
Parve Items for the all-night learning session (chips, cookies, sodas, etc.)

As in previous years, there will be no challah and all food items that are home cooked should be prepared in a Kosher kitchen (please contact Devorah Zakon with questions regarding this matter).

Thank you so much for your participation in this special event!!

Please email Debbie Murovitz with your “Yummy contribution” at

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