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Creating a REAL plan for a great year workshop!

Aug 18th, 2014 by nzakon | 0

Creating a REAL plan for a great year workshop!

High Holidays are coming! Each year we hopefully think about how we can make this year more meaningful and successful. Unfortunately often we:

Are too busy to think about what we want different than last year
Haven’t a clue as to how to plan
Get lost in the goal creating process
Are resigned to mediocrity
Before we realize it the new year becomes a repeat of last year…
 This past Shabbos in my sermon I discussed the idea of creating a plan for the new year.  Many people expressed interest in learning about this. The plan is not just a wish for things to be better or different but a plan that can bring new energy and aspirations to our lives with quantifiable goals.

  I will be leading a workshop on the topic of Creating a REAL plan for a great year!
In this workshop we will learn to:
Create a theme for our year
Develop quantifiable goals based on this theme
How to achieve life balance to ensure we are not forgetting important areas of our lives
Create a system that will ensure our plan stays alive!
Monday August 25 8:00 P.M. at DATA of Plano.
Cost:Free RSVP Required to

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