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Our thoughts and prayers for the holy martyrs and their families

Jul 1st, 2014 by nzakon | 0

Dear  Friends,

  Please read and take to heart the thoughts Rabbi Fried has so eloquently expressed on behalf of all of us.

   Please join us on Shabbos as we will expound of these timely and important ideas during the Drasha-Sermon and Learner’s Service.

It is with a very heavy heart and profound sadness that we join all of Klal Yisrael, the Jewish People, in mourning the tragic loss of our three precious brethren in Israel, plucked away just as their young lives were beginning to bud and blossom.

The sheer hideousness of this inexcusable crime, which defies words to express our feelings of grief and anger, hangs like a heavy cloud over our heads and clouds our thoughts.

As anti-Semitism again rears its ugly head in the most horrendous of ways, we are again reminded that we are truly in the midst of a long and bitter exile in which those who hate us, and they are many, know no bounds in expressing that hatred in their desire to see us annihilated.

Although the Israeli cabinet must decide what steps can and should be taken to further the defense of Israel and appropriately deal with our bloodthirsty foes, we, too must do our part. It is the way of our people for millennium to, first and foremost, look inward and ask ourselves who are we and what should we learn from this and similar occurrences.

We observed an almost unprecedented spontaneous expression of togetherness among the Jewish people both in Israel and the Diaspora during this difficult time. Let us bond together even more, further strengthening ourselves as a people, which will truly make us invincible. For that is truly what the Al-mighty longs to see; his children bonding together as one family, upon which He desires to spread His protection.

If the loss of these holy martyrs will bring us to new, unprecedented levels of respect, togetherness and love among the Jewish people, their loss will not have been in vain.

May their memories be as an eternal blessing for the nation they loved and died for, and may they beseech our peace and harmony from their very elevated places on high, among the holy martyrs of our people for thousands of years. And may they be the final martyrs we will ever know.

With a heavy heart and profound sadness,

Rabbi Yerachmiel D. Fried

Dean/ Rosh Hakollel

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