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Laws and Detail of the 9 days

Jul 6th, 2013 by nzakon | 0

The Days start Sunday night

The 9 days are the days from Rosh CHodesh Av (1st day of the Hebrew month of Av) until the Tisha Ba’av (9th of Av). These are condiered days of mourning as these are the days leaving up to Tisha Ba’av. On TIsha Ba’a’v the Beis Hamikdosh (Holy Temple) was destroyed. Due to this state of mourning there are a number of activities we do not engage in during this time. These activities are:

1. We do not eat meat, chicken or drink wine. (except for on Shabbos)

2. We do not do laundry. ( unless needed for young children)

3. We do not wear freshly laundered clothing. (this refers to shirts, pants, dressed, suits but not to undergarments and the like)

4. We do not use freshly laundered towels and linen.

5. Freshly launderd clothing can be worn for Shabbos

6. Freshly laundered clothing should be worn briefly before the 9 day starts or something should be done to it so that it does not have the sense of being freshly laundered.

7. We do not swim.

8. We do not bathe for pleasure. If one feels a need to shower during these times ( for Shabbos one can shower) shower take it in a way so that it is less pleasurable. For example use cooler water than usual or take a quicker shower.

For more details or if you have questions please speak to Rabbi Zakon.


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