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Shabbos Schedule, Pre Passover Classes

Mar 9th, 2012 by nzakon | 0

Shabbos Parshas Ki Sisa

Happy Shushan Purim! Thank y’all for joining for our fun filled Purim Seuda yesterday. We had almost 150 people join us!

Mincha (Friday) 6:10 P.M.

Parsha and Talmud Classes 8:30 A.M.

Shachris 9:00 A.M.

Learner’s Service 10:45 A.M.

Children’s Programming 10:45 A.M.

Kiddush following Services. We are looking for a sponsor. TO sponsor please contact Rabbi Zakon or Rabbi Yogi.

Mincha 5:45 P.M.

Father-Son Learning 8:00 p.m. This is our last session of Father-Son learning on Saturday evenings. Starting next week our Father-Son learning will be Shabbos afternoon before Mincha.

Pre Pesach Classes

Bracha Stolov and Devorah Zakon will be leading a class on preparing your house, kitchen, meals for Pesach without going crazy!

Wednesday March 14 1 P.M. at Benny’s Bagels. Please rsvp to

Kitchen prep for Pesach as well as important Kosher for Pesach food info!

Please join as Rabbi Klein of Dallas Kosher will be teaching how to prepare your kitchen for Pesach as well as this year’s Pesach product info.

Wednesday evening march 21 8 P.M. at DATA of Plano.

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