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5 A Day Starts TODAY!

Oct 23rd, 2011 by yrobkin | 0

If you have not yet signed up for 5 a day NOW you have the opportunity! Please see below for more information. To register email Rabbi Zakon at
This program will help you read the entire book of the Torah, Exodus/Shemos, by reading just 5 verses a day.

Please make sure to have a copy of the Artscroll Stone Chumash to use for this study program. This edition has the english translation as well as relevant commentary. If you need a copy you can find it at Bloometseil’s Israel Judaica, Lone Star Judaica or online at! Contact Rabbi Zakon if you are having trouble getting a copy.

Why study Torah?

The word Torah means “Instruction.” We refer to Torah as “Toras Chaim” a guidebook for excellence in life. By studying Torah you will be able to:

* Connect to your rightful heritage.
* Help your children become more educated Jews.

* Learn the Jewish approach to parenting, relationships, and a meaningful life.
* Answer basic questions about Jewish beliefs…you will no longer have to blush and duck out of conversations with an “I don’t know”.

Keeping Up With the Reading

It is inevitable that many or all of you will get behind on the reading at some point during the 10 months….and that’s ok! Since the daily reading shouldn’t take more that 5 to 10 minutes (and sometimes less if there’s no commentary) you should be able to catch up whenever you can.

The best way to stay on track, however, is to keep up with the reading on a daily basis. I encourage everyone to find a set time during your day where you can make the 5 a Day reading part of your daily schedule.

Thank you for making time in your busy schedules for Torah study and being committed to your Judaism. I look forward to being in touch with each of you as you embark on this important journey!

Thank you,
Rabbi Nesanya Zakon

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