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This Tuesday – DATA’s Advanced Level Programming presents Rabbi Fried – Halachos of the Daled Minim

Sep 20th, 2011 by allanm | 0

Dear Students and Friends,

We are proud to present the second class in this year’s holiday series by our Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Y. Fried, on the Laws of the 4 Species.

This is a wonderful opportunity to understand the basics of what to look for when you purchase your Esrog and Lulav set this year: what is kosher, un-kosher, and ideal.

You will learn how to properly assemble your set, how to hold it, and how to properly shake it.

What changes in your esrog/lulav/haddasim/aravos could disqualify your set during the week of Sukkos.

Since this is such a cloudy area of Halacha in the minds of so many, we urge you to take this opportunity and invest one evening; this coming Tues. night, to gain a new level of clarity in this unique mitzvah!

Wishing you a Kesiva Vechasima Tova,

The DATA Staff




Shiur for Succos

for Men


by Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried

Rosh HaKollel



 Hilchos Arba’as Haminim

The Laws of the Mitzvah of the Four Species



Tuesday evening

September 20th

7:45 PM (immediately after Mincha/Maariv)

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