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Fast of 17th of Tamuz

Jul 18th, 2011 by nzakon | 0

Tuesday July 19th is the fast of the 17th of Tamuz.

The Fast of the 17th of Tammuz commemorates 5 particular tragedies according to the Mishnah:
Moshe broke the first tablets when he descended Mount Sinai and saw the Golden Calf
Offerings in the first Beis HaMikdash were suspended while Jerusalem was under attack
The walls of Jerusalem were breached in the time of the second Beis HaMikdash (Temple)
Apustamus the Wicked burned the Torah [in the time of the second Beis HaMikdash]
An idol was placed in the Sanctuary of the second Beis HaMikdash

The fast begins 5:19 A.M. If you plan on eating in the morning before the fast begins you must stipulate at night before going to sleep that you will eat in the morning.

Mincha 8:00P.M. Please join as it is an important day of prayer. There will be Torah reading during the service as well.

The fast ends 9:15 P.M.

All men over the age of bar mitzva and women over the age of bat mitzva should fast. Pregnant and nursing women should not fast. If you have any questions about your ability to fast please consult a rabbi.

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