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Shabbaton info, sponsors needed!!

May 12th, 2011 by nzakon | 0

We have an AWESOME Shabbaton coming up! Please be sure to join and email to those who may enjoy. Please see below for details and childcare schedule. Please email to RSVP or to be a sponsor.

Thank you to Marc and Deborah Lipnik for their Supporter Sponsorship
Thank you to Sarah and Dror Yahalom for Sponsoring a Shabbat lecture
Thank you to Joyce and Yair Govrin for their sponsorship
Less than two days away!!!
We are still looking for sponsors. Please consider supporting the Shabbaton and Lectures.
Buffet lunch Underwriter: $540
Child Care: $200
Supporter: $180
Contributor $100
Sponsor a Shabbat Lecture $50
To sponsor email

Doron Kornbluth is a sought-after international speaker, teaching all types of audiences in over 50 cities a year. His unique inspirational and humorous Why Be Jewish? and Jewish Pride seminars have been effective with young Jews everywhere – he is one of the few speakers today who is popular and respected by all types of Jews and organizations. Doron’s free “Jewish Identity Newsletter” is helping keep thousands proud of their heritage. His much-awaited Raising Kids to Love Being Jewish has just been released. Doron is also a popular tour guide, helping inspire young and not-so-young first time and regular visitors to Israel.

Please schedule below.
Childcare will be provided during Learner’s Service and pre lunch lecture
Learner’s Service 10:45 A.M. Raising Kids To LOVE Being Jewish (Lecture during service)
An entertaining, interactive, and easy-to-remember and implement seminar for parents and grandparents. Through incredible stories, jokes, and exercises, this talk has literally been life-changing for audiences world-wide, and helped parents get more involved Jewishly – for themselves and their kids. Topics covered include:
“We’re Not Religious. How do we keep our kids Jewish?”
Principles & Practical Tips
“Our Family is Not Exactly Typical…”
“We’re Intermarried but raising the kids as Jews…”
Dealing with Holidays and Life cycle Events
Jewish Education: Your Kids and You

11:45 A.M.How to turn marriage into a HAPPY MARRIAGE
This humorous yet practical and deep lecture attracts listeners – many marriages are in trouble these days and people want solid advice on how to improve their lives. Doron has spent years researching the subject of marital success and uses his trademark fun, informal style to impart the main conclusions of his and current research…as well as Jewish wisdom. Subjects include:
what is happening to marriages today? why?
what can you do if your spouse is at fault?
the three keys to a successful marriage
anecdo’s and anecdon’ts…

Communal lunch following lecture. Please join! Suggested donation $25 per family.

6:00 P.M.Spirituality For Normal People
When many people think of spirituality today, they get turned off. Images of eastern mystics and meditation don’t sit well with more than a few educated Western Jews. How can “rational” people connect to spirituality. How can someone who is not touchy-feely connect to G-d? Subjects covered include:
The Seven Minute Shabbat Experience
If you hated the Jews, what would you do?
Jewish Spirituality vs. other spiritualities
Feeling Spiritual vs Being Spiritual

If you need home hospitality please email

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