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Mar 22nd, 2011 by nzakon | 0

Please be sure to join us for our guest lecturers this Shabbos, Beth and Kenny Broodo. Their topics will be engaging an dthought provoking. Beth and Kenny are fun, inspiring and down to earth people!
Home hospitality is available for the entire Shabbos and for meals. Please email Rabbi Zakon if you need arrangements.

Here are there topics:

Shabbos morning: How To Inspire Yourself: OK, Take A Deep Breath

6:00P.M. : How We Got Here and Other Lessons in the Importance of Asking for Directions.
This will be an interactive and humorous discussion led by Beth and Kenny based on their personal journey and what it can mean in your life.

Shalosh Seudas for Women: Peering Over the Precipice and What You Can Learn from Keeping Your Eyes Shut Tight.
How I dealt with the greatest health challenge of my life!! Given by Beth Broodo

Shalosh Seudas for Men: Being An Attorney and Orthodox Jew: What, Did I Say Something Funny?

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