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Info for this week, Purim and Pesach

Mar 15th, 2011 by nzakon | 0

Here is a brief schedule of the goings on this week and some important dates in the coming weeks:

Wednesday evening March 16 Pre Purim Mystical Class- 8 P.M. with Rabbi Zakon

Thursday is the Fast of Esther- All men and women above the age of bar/bat mitzva should fast barring any illness or physical restrictions.If you are unsure if you should fast please consult one of the rabbis.

Fast begins 6:21 A.M. and ends 8:21 P.M.

We will be having a Mincha service at 7:00P.M. Please join so we will have a strong minyan on this important day of prayer.

This coming Shabbos is Parshas Zachor. There will be a special Torah reading during services Shabbos morning which is a Torah obligation to hear. Please be sure to come and hear the Torah reading. We will have one reading at approximately 10:30A.M. and a second following services at 12 P.M.

Communal lunch following services! Lunch is sponsored by Isaac Messica in honor of birthdays of a few family members. Please rsvp for lunch. Suggested donation $25 per family.

Rabbi Zakon is accepting donations to be given out on Purim to the poor both locally and in Israel. If you would like to have him give this money out on your behalf be in touch with him this week.

For a full Purim schedule see the post from this past Thursday.

Pesach is less than five weeks away! Hand shmura matza orders must be in by March 26th! To order email Rabbi Zakon ( with the amount of pounds you want. Price is $21 per pound and must be pre paid.

SAVE THE DATE! Monday evening March 28th Rabbi Sholey Klein of Dallas Kosher will be giving a class on everything you need to know about Pesach food,products and kitchen prep! This class will be at DATA of Plano at 8P.M. Whether this is your first or tenth time making Pesach you need to come to get the scoop! Product information does change from year to year as well!

Details to come on other pre Pesach classes on topics as how to run a great Seder, laws of Seder and Pesach.

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