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Guest Speaker,Matza orders, Tuesday Night Live…

Mar 21st, 2011 by nzakon | 0

This coming Shabbos we will be having a special couple, Beth and Kenny Broodo as guest Scholars In Residence. Kenny is a partner at the Gardere and Wynne law firm. Beth is a therapist at Jewish Family Services in Dallas.

The Broodos are a fun, inspiring and insightful couple. We will post their exact titles of talks and Shabbos schedule later in the week. Kenny will be speaking Shabbos morning at services, Beth and Kenny will lead a discussion group Shabbos afternoon, Kenny will speak for men at the center during Shalosh Seudos and Beth will speak at the same time for women at the Zakons.

Tomorrow, Tuesday is the final day to order specially discounted tickets to Tuesday Night Live at the Majestic Theater.(at the door $45 but only $20 if ordered by tomorrow through DATA of Plano) This show will feature great live music, guests Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, Rabbi Daniel Lapin and more! To order tickets email

Hand Matza orders are due Sunday March 27th. Matza is sold by the pound there 7-8 matzos per pound. Cost is $21 per pound. Orders must be pre paid and no late orders accepted.

Pre Pesach Class- Everything you need to know about Pesach products and getting your house ready for Pesach!
Given by Rabbi Klein of Dallas Kosher Monday March 28th 8:00P.M. at the center.

Monday April 4- How To Run A Meaningful Seder given by Rabbi Zakon 8:00P.M. at the center.

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