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Exciting Shabbaton Schedule!

Feb 9th, 2011 by nzakon | 1

Happy snow to everyone!

Shabbos Parshas Titzave February 11-12

This Shabbos we are honored to have 20 (or so) Yeshiva bochurim (students) from TTI (Texas Torah Institute) join us. Rabbi Yaakov Cohen, Executive Director of TTI (and renowned Chazan) and his family will spend Shabbos with us as well. This will be a very special opportunity for us to have these fine young men with us. Please be sure to meet these young men as they are role models for our children.

Evening Services 5:50 P.M.

ONEG SHABBOS (following Shabbos dinner) 9:15 P.M. at the home of Tzippora and Joey Benami 3612 Arbuckle Dr. (An Oneg Shabbos is a time we get together sing songs,eat snacks and CHULENT…and have a wonderful time as a community)

Parsha Class 8:30 A.M.

Morning Services 9:00A.M.

KIDDUSH LUNCHEON following Services. Please be sure to join us! Please rsvp to join us for lunch at . Suggested donation $25 per family.

Luncheon is sponsored by Chana Yetta and Yaakov Rodenberg and Marcia and Norman Hoppenstein. The Rodenbergs are sponsoring in honor of Yaakov’s recovery from surgery and in honor of the yartzheit of Mordechai Ben Gedalya OBM, father of Yaakov. May this be an Iluy (elevation) for his Neshama (soul).

Afternoon Services 5:15 P.M.

Father-son Learning 7:30P.M.

One Comment on “Exciting Shabbaton Schedule!”

  1. Bracha Minc said:

    I will be there for lunch payment later. Thanks have a good shabbot.