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New Program For Men!!!

Jan 17th, 2011 by nzakon | 0

We are starting a NEW exciting program for men next week. As preperation for the Superbowl(!) we will be starting a Daf a week of Talmud (Gemara) program. In this program we will be studying a Daf(double sided page) of Tractate Megilla each week. We will complete the entire tractate by the end of the summer.

Tractate Megilla is a fascinating study dealing with the holiday of Purim, of building of synangogues and services and many tangential discussions as well! By joining this study you will receive a great introduction to Talmud study, a deeper understanding of the holiday of Purim and have a great time studying with other men! There will be small study groups by the rabbis weekly as well as opportunity to study in pairs. (chavruta)

There is no cost to join but you must rsvp to . Please indicate if you would like to be in a weekly study group, study with a rabbi or if you would like us to set you up with a study partner. Please email with any questions as well. We will attempt to honor all requests for studying with rabbis.

The book we will be studying is Talmud Bavli Tractate Megilla. You can purchase an edition with translation and commentary at or at

Please join! Let’s light Plano on fire with Torah study!

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