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A Message From The Frieds

Jan 12th, 2011 by nzakon | 0

Message received Tuesday evening from Mrs. Fried

Please let everyone know:
The surgery went well – the doctors were pleased – they think that they got a lot of the tumor out as they were planning. They will do an MRI tomorrow to see & evaluate.
Avrahom Yaakov woke up & was able to wiggle his fingers & toes, & follow the light with his eyes, etc.

They still need to do further testing in the days to come & keep checking on him in ICU all night, but Baruch Hashem, so far the doctors are pleased.
Thank you all for all your tefilos & concern. Please keep davening for him to recover completely. Baruch Hashem, the positive outcome of this surgery was a big step.

Thank you all so, so, much.
The Frieds

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