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Kiddush for Shifra Robkin & Laws of Shabbos Class

Nov 24th, 2010 by yrobkin | 0


There will be a special cholent, kugel, and cake  kiddush this Shabbos sponsored by the Robkin family in honor of the one year anniversary of Shifra Bracha Robkin’s miraculous recovery!   Everyone from near and far is encouraged to come and celebrate with Shifra!


Rabbi Yogi will be beginning his weekly class on the practical laws of Shabbos observance (hilchos shabbos) next Tuesday night (Nov. 30) from 8 – 9:15 pm at DATA of Plano.  This will be an in depth look at the laws, sources, and practical applications of weekly Shabbos observance.  You will learn everything from how to make tea, to how to eat watermelon, and which items are muktzeh (prohibited to handle).  Turn yourself into a true Shabbos scholar and increase your confidence in your Shabbos observance and Jewish life.

No prior knowledge of Shabbos law is necessary to join this course.

There is no cost for this extended course, but donations are encouraged.

I hope to see you all at this unique, first time offered course!

Rabbi Yogi

(Questions about the details of the course may be sent to

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