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Sep 6th, 2010 by allanm | 0

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What is “5 a Day”? 

“5 a Day” is a new (and easy!) program to read the first book of the Torah (Genesis/Bereishis) by reading just 5 verses a day, along with the commentary. 

How long does it take to read each day?

Depending on how fast you read, it should only take approx. 5 to 10 minutes to read the 5 verses along with the commentary.


Do I have to come to any classes?

Not at all!  All of the reading is done AT HOME on your own time.  The only stipulation is that you read every day in order to keep up.

Is there a charge?

There is NO CHARGE other than the cost of the Stone Edition Chumash by Nosson Scherman.


I have minimal to no Jewish education, is this program for me?

Yes!  This program is open to everyone from all religious levels and age groups.  If you’ve never read the Torah or if the last time you read it was for your Bar/Bat Mitzvah, then this is the program for you!


When will we finish?

We will finish the entire book of Genesis in 10 months on August 7, 2011.  We’ll celebrate by having a big siyum (party)! 

Interesting fact:  There are 1,535 verses in the book of Genesis.

How will I keep track of which verses I’m on?

Everyone will receive a calendar which will show the verses we’re on for that day along with the page numbers of where those verses can be found in the Stone Edition Chumash.


will there be any guidance along the way?

Yes.  Since this program is a do-it-yourself type of program, we wanted to provide several ways to help everyone stay connected and engaged. 

1.     Direct Contact with Rabbi Zakon:  All of the participants will have Rabbi Zakon’s email address and phone number and everyone will be encouraged to call or email him directly with any questions they have on the reading. 

2.     Weekly Emails:  Rabbi Zakon will send out weekly emails to all of the participants on Friday to highlight certain key points from the previous week’s verses and to show a few of the questions he may have received along with his answers (all questions will be kept anonymous).

3.     Discussion Groups:  There will be several discussion groups that’ll take place at DATA of Plano with Rabbi Zakon or another DATA rabbi to discuss the reading and answer questions in person.  We may do this once a month or every other month.

Can my kids participate?

Children are always encouraged to learn and read Torah along with their parents.  It’s great when families can learn about their Judaism together!  However, keep in mind that the commentary portion of the reading, which is essential to the program, is fairly sophisticated and may be difficult for children who are under 15 yrs. old.


Absolutely!  Since this program is done at home and over email, we definitely welcome people from other cities or states who’d like to participate.


can I READ FROM another Bible?

No. This program is specifically based on the translation found in the Stone Edition Chumash by Nosson Scherman as well as on its expertly compiled commentary which pulls from a wide range of sources.  You will need to read from this book in order to be on the same page and on the same level of understanding as the rest of the group.  It’s also a must have for every Jewish library!


Where do I buy the Stone Edition ChumAsh?

You can purchase it from, or at your local Jewish book store. 


Who do I contact to sign up or if I have other questions?

Contact Staci Kimmel at or Rabbi Zakon at

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