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Jul 26th, 2010 by nzakon | 0

We are very excited to announce that with Hashem’s help we have signed a lease to rent larger quarters! The new space is in the same parking lot it is across from the Dog place. We will be renting the 4 suites 3245-3251. This will increase our space from 3000 square feet to nearly 4200!

 The contractor has already begun renovations and we intend to (with Hashem’s help) be in the new center for High Holidays!

   In the interim until it is ready we will be in temporary space suite 3221 on the same strip as the new location. The temporary space is less than ideal but being there is a critical step in our communal development.

  What can you do to help in this process?

A. Please make extra effort to attend services and classes during this interim period. We must show our commitment as indiviuals and a community during this transition period.

B. Many of you generously contribute monthly or annually to DATA of Plano each according to his/her capabilities. While the landlord has given us an  allowance for renovations there are added expenses such as new furniture, fixtures…that will not be covered by the landlord. Please consider giving a seperate donation (beyond your pledge for the year) for these needs and furnishings. This can be done in the memory or honor of loved ones,parents…

  Please be in touch with Rabbi Zakon for donation opportunities.

Rabbi Zakon will be leaving with his family on a road tomorrow, Tuesday and returning August 17th. He can be reached on his cellphone during this time for urgent matters.

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