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9th of Av Schedule&Laws

Jul 17th, 2010 by nzakon | 0

Schedule For 9th Of Av: July 19-20

Monday Afternoon Services 7:00P.M.

Fast Begin 8:34P.M.

Evening Services 9:00P.M.

 Tuesday- Morning Services 9:00A.M.

Midday- Chatzos 1:33P.M.

Afternoon Services 8:00P.M.

Fast Ends 9:18P.M

Laws Of 9th Of Av:

The final meal we eat before the fast should consist exclusively of bread and hard boiled egg  dipped in ash. The only drink at this meal should be water. The meal should be eaten sitting on the floor in a somber and reflective mood.

On the 9th of Av we abstain from the following:

1. Eating and drinking

2. Wearing leather shoes

3. Bathing or washing

4. Marital relations

5. Anointing ones self with oil

The only washing one should do is washing hands upon arising in the morning and after using the restroom. When washing at these times one should only wash the hands up to the knuckle.

Fasting is only for men above the age of 13 and women above the age of 12.If one is above these ages but pregnant,nursing or ill please consult a rabbi.

Monday evening and Tuesday morning(until midday 1:33P.M.)when sitting  one should sit on the floor or on a chair  close to the floor.

The 9th of Av does not have any of the limitations of Shabbos but it is preferable not to work on this day. If one must go to work it is prefered to do so in the afternoon.

Talis and Tefillin are not worn Tuesday morning but rather we wear them at afternoon services.

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