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A Very Important Message From Rabbi Fried

May 11th, 2010 by nzakon | 0


      Please see the letter below from Rabbi Fried. This is something we must take very seriously as both Shifra Robkin and Devorah Zakon are the Rebbetzins Rabbi Fried refers to in his letter.We urge each of you over the age of Bar or Bat Mitzva (whom are physically fit, well and not pregnant) to participate in this half day fast and prayer gathering.

   May this be a merit for the entire Jewish community!

               Rabbi Zakon                            Rabbi Yogi

May 5, 2010

Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends, 

As we all know, Mrs. Odelia Shimon,(wife of Rabbi Ronen Shimon) soon after childbirth, was for a number of days in a life-threatening situation. Her condition was extremely rare, one which her physicians had never before encountered. Although, with the help of the Al-mighty and the prayers of many, she is on the way to recovery, that way is a lengthy, arduous and painful one. It is also not without tremendous physical scars which will, sadly, endure.

It has been in the minds of many that it wasn’t so long ago that our small community was faced with a very similar situation with another young Rebbetzin, also extremely  rare, covering a long period of mortal danger, with a miraculous comeback albeit with similar enduring, painful scars which will greatly effect her life in the same way. A third situation with another local rebbetzin, also after childbirth involving an extremely rare and dangerous ailment of the heart took place a couple years ago, also with a similar outcome.

Many have approached me and other local rabbis, asking what is the message for us all? It would not seem to be by chance that such rare, dangerous illnesses have been affecting women leaders of our community whom are know for their goodness and piety.

I have consulted with leading sages in America, all with the same response, that we are not prophets and, of course, cannot know the meaning or exact message implicit in this, or even if the events are truly related. All sages concurred with me that, in this situation, we must consult the rabbi known as the “Urim Vetumim”, the “priestly breastplate” of our generation, who sees beyond the surface, Hagaon Rav Chaim Kinyevsky shlit”a of Bnei Brak, the son the Steipler Gaon.

Rav Kinyevski, when presented with the situation, has issued the following ruling: “Our community should accept this coming Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, Thursday, May 13th, as a half-day fast. Anyone who has trouble fasting should redeem their fast with tsedakah. Also, the Yom Kippur Katan prayer service should be recited at mincha that day. Ideally this should be done by the entire  community, even in those shuls which these rebbetzins do not belong, to be a zechus for the entire community. This applies to boys and girls from Bar-Bas Mitzvah age. May this be a source of bracha and merit to the entire community”.

Rav Hillel David shlit’a has expressed his concurrence, as any ruling of R’ Kinyevski is binding.

A Yom Kippur Katan service will take place at Cong. Ohr Hatorah at 7:20 pm on the above date. Mid-day on that day will be 1:24pm, after which time the fast will end.

A discussion is taking place among the rabbinical leadership of the community as far as continued shiurim(Torah study classes) for the community in reference to this situation. 

May this, and our teshuva, bring Mrs. Shimon a complete and speedy refuah sheleima, and may this be a merit before Ha-shem that no more such difficulties should befall our community or in all of Klal Yisroel. 

Respectfully yours, 

Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried

Rosh Hakollel, DATA

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