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Ballet, Yom Haatzmu’ut Program

Mar 9th, 2010 by nzakon | 0

Dear ballet parents,

I am so excited to have your little princesses in my class!
It will be our 6th class tomorrow so its tuition time for the second session ;-)

Each month is $15.

See you tomorrow,


Dear community members,
the Israeli independence day is almost here and DATA of Plano is having  a booth at the JCC grand event on April 20th.
(will post a flyer soon)
I need volunteers to help me set and operate the booth.
MBA in business from a top university.
GPA of 3.8 and up
At least 5 years business development experience

Just kidding!!
I need people with great spirit to make this event enjoyable and unforgettable

Please contact me at 917 428 5369

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