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Shabbaton Rescheduled,Gifts For The Poor On Purim

Feb 17th, 2010 by nzakon | 0

This week’s Shabbaton-Communal lunch is being rescheduled to next week Shabbos February 27th.

     “Matanos L’Evyonim” Charity which is given out on Purim Day
It is a positive rabbinical commandment to give Tzedaka-Charity to two needy people on Purim, one gift to each person. Even a poor person who himself subsists on charity is obligated in this requirement.
 Optimally, the gift should be substantial. If the gift is money, the amount should enable the poor person to purchase food for one meal.
As it is difficuIt to find someone whom qualifies as a truly poor person,that the money be given on Purim day with enough time for the person to purchase food on Purim…You can give your donation for the poor to Rabbi Zakon or Rabbi Yogi. They will ensure that the money given will be distributed to those in need on Purim. Some of the money will be given to local poor and some to poor people in Israel.
   To donate be in touch with Rabbi Zakon or Rabbi Yogi between now and Purim morning.

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