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A Special Request From DATA of Plano

Jan 6th, 2010 by nzakon | 0

As we have grown at DATA of Plano we have gone from some weekly classes and a monthly Shabbaton to services throughout Shabbos, morning services three times midweek and numerous study opportunities throughout the week! We are very proud and grateful for all this growth!

Along with growth comes increased needs. We have a Kiddush and Seuda Shlishis each week. (Thank you to Chana Yetta,Yaakov and Adam for this!!) Needless to say this is an increased cost for us weekly. If each of us at DATA of Plano would sponsor a couple of Kiddush-Seuda Shlishis a year we would have this cost covered.

  The cost for one Shabbos Kiddush-Seuda Shlishis is $100.You can select a particular week corresponding to a birthday,anniversary,yartzheit,momentous occasion…Please let us know now what you will be sponsoring even if you will pay later in the year.

Please email Rabbi Zakon to let him know what you will be sponsoring.

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