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Shifra Robkin Update from Rabbi Yogi

Nov 10th, 2009 by yrobkin | 12

What an amazing day it has been.  Shifra is completely off the resperator as you all know, and her chest tubes and all the IV’s have been removed as well!  Sedation has been discontinued, and Shifra is awake and smiling and lucid in all of her thoughts and comments.  I cannot tell you how amazing it has been to not only see her eyes open, but to see her old smile back, and to be able to have full conversations with her.   Shifra innocently asked the nurse yesterday, “so do I sleep at the hospital tonight”?  She is very weak and tired, and is being visited by an occupation therapist, and a speech therapist to get her muscles back in shape, and relearn how to walk and write again (I guess you are never too old!)  Next satep will be to locate a good rehab hospital.  Looking forward to continued progress and happy moments with Shifra …  Yogi Robkin   

By the way, a big thank you to everyone for all your prayers and chesed during this process.  Please keep your prayers up!

12 Comments on “Shifra Robkin Update from Rabbi Yogi”

  1. Leslie and Chuck Lowenstein said:

    Happy and grateful tears are in my eyes reading your letter. Yes, miracles do happen and this is a huge one in my lifetime. Please continue to update us on her progress.

    Leslie and Chuck Lowenstein – in Jerusalem

  2. gina said:

    Rabbi Zakon shared the miraculous news with us last night in class..
    Shifra, know that you are so loved and respected by many.
    It feels like a huge dark ugly cloud has been lifted in the community.
    We can’t wait to see her again.

  3. Messica said:

    Thank you Hashem. Shifra is always in our thoughts and prayers, can’t wait to meet her.

  4. Daniel and Bluma Estreicher said:

    Boruch Hashem!! May she continue going maychayil el chayil!!
    Rabbi and Mrs.E

  5. Langer said:

    Baruch Hashem asher lo azav chasdo va’amito

    Refuah SHELAYMA.

  6. Hudi (Schechter) Solomon said:

    Chasdei Hashem ki lo samnu, ki lo chalu rachamav!!!!! I think about you all the time and wish I could be your personal acute care OT! You are probably world’s best patient! Our t’filos are truly being answered–you are an inspiration, as you have always been with yours and you husbands upbeat personality and true emunah in Hashem. With wishes for a continued recovery–Hudster

  7. Yosef and Shanny Katzman said:

    Chassdei Hashem! Our teffilos are with you!

  8. Melissa Fuchs said:

    There are true results with prayer…..I am so happy to hear the news and will continue to pray for her. Miss you guys in Dallas.

  9. Yoni Schick said:

    what amazing news!!

  10. Amy Hollander said:

    Wonderful, wonderful news!!! Shifra and Yogi have been in my thoughts daily since she first feel sick. I check the website almost every day and I am SOOOO happy to hear the amazing news!! I cannot wait to see her, so please let us know when she can and wants visitors!! Give her a big hug from me! ~Amy Hollander

  11. Yaakov and Tsiona Cohen said:

    Thank you for this wonderful news! we are so happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction. continued besuros tovos!

  12. Priscilla Korin said:

    What a blessing. Someone else said it, but so true. “Now the community is healed”….

    My family is so happy for your family. Give Shifra a big kiss from us. If I can do anything, please please tell me.

    Much love, Priscilla