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Great News!!!!

Nov 9th, 2009 by nzakon | 5

Shifra is off the respirator!! She is still receiving some oxygen but she is breathing on her own and is no longer sedated! She has been communicating and is aware of all that is going around her!! Boruch Hashem the progress over the last few days has been incredible! We are grateful beyond words for this!! We will keep you posted as she continues to improve.

As y’all will be so elated with this news and not interested in reading scheduling for the week I will send another email with important scheduling info

5 Comments on “Great News!!!!”

  1. Marsha Szander said:

    Borch Hashem, Boruch Hashem…..what wonderful news! Thank you for sharing and may we all continue to daven asking for Shifra’s refuah shleimah. Thanks again for keeping us posted!

  2. tammy lederman said:

    Boruch Hashem! What great news…I am so so happy that I can not stop crying. Please let her know what we are constantly thinking and praying for her and her beautiful family!

  3. The Lubins said:

    Absolute, sheer elation!!! Baruch Hashem!!!! This is absolutely a miracle, our Shifra is coming back to us!!! :)

  4. Anita Messica said:

    Borch Hashem. We are soooooooooooo grateful for the miracles of our creator!!! Please let Shifra know, we love her andpray for her strength.

  5. Gidon and Hendy Lyons said:

    Amazing news. We really appreciate being able to stay informed through this website.
    Hashem should continue giving Shifra more and more strength until she can be declared 100% fine.
    Best regards