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Shifra Update,BatMitzva Shabbos Schedule…

Oct 15th, 2009 by nzakon | 1

The doctors reported that there was some progress in Shifra’s recovery today but there were some challenges as well. The situation remains critical and prayers are as important as ever!

Mazal Tov to Scott and Ruthy Henkin on the Bat Mitzva of Raquel!!

Everyone is invited to a special Kiddush luncheon sponsored by the Henkins in honor of Raquel’s Bat Mitzva!


Friday evening 6:35P.M.

Shabbos Morning 9:00A.M.

Childcare will start 10:30 A.M.

Please be sure to take your children to childcare so that Raquel and other family members will be able to give speeches undisturbed.

 Boys  4 and under as well as girls all ages are at the Zakons 3329 Overland (left on Parker coming from the DATA of Plano center, right on Bandolino and right on Overland). 

 Boys ages 5 and up will be at the Weiners 3329 Landershire (left on Parker coming from DATA of Plano, right on Mission Ridge and right on Landershire.

Following the Kiddush luncheon there will be a discussion and question answer session led by Becky Udman (Director of Preschool at Torah Day School)on issues in parenting.

One Comment on “Shifra Update,BatMitzva Shabbos Schedule…”

  1. Daniel Edelman said:

    Please, may we have an update on how Shifra is doing? Much worrying and praying here in Baltimore.
    Thank you,