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Shifra Update, Blood Drive

Oct 6th, 2009 by nzakon | 3

Shifra’s situation remains the same. Every day that things remain the same is to be grateful for! Please keep on davening!

See blood drive info below(you need to scroll down a bit to get to it)Please spread the word…see if you can get this information on local websites, email blasts of synagogoues and temples…



Special Patient Drive
To Benefit Shifra Bracha Robkin
DATA of Plano
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Contact: Yan Lemeshev M.D.


  Walk ins are welcome, but those with appointments will be taken first.
 Please have a good meal and drink plenty of fluids before your donation.

3 Comments on “Shifra Update, Blood Drive”

  1. Yan Lemeshev, MD said:

    Here is the link to schedule your donation time:

  2. Yan Lemeshev, MD said:

    Let’s try this one more time, so that it actually works – sorry!

  3. Yan Lemeshev, MD said:

    If you would like to donate blood, but can’t make the drive, your mitzvah can still be an honor to Shifra! Simply go to any Carter Blood Care donation center, and tell them you would like to donate in honor of Shifra Robkin who is at Medical City of Dallas and give them Sponsor number: SPON048596.