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Please read entire post multiple topics covered

Oct 26th, 2009 by nzakon | 1

There has been little tangible change over the past week. 
Although it is sometimes difficult to maintain  the same level of concern over extended time, the most important thing is for everyone to continue praying, studying Torah and doing mitzvos as a merit! 
Please pray for a complete and speedy recovery for Mrs. Shifra Bracha Robkin, Shifra Bracha bas Mindal Fraid


DATA of Plano Blood Followup Drive



A followup drive will be held this Thursday, October 29th from 4:00 – 9:00 outside the DATA of Plano Center. (DATA of Plano is located at the SW corner of Parker and Independence between Fireston and HalfPrice Books)
Online signup below
We encourage online sign up to avoid being turned away for lack of space. 


Robkin Family Medical Expense Fund 

The Robkin Family is extremely grateful for donations to the medical fund from across the globe.


Recognizing the added challenges the situation presents (a night nurse to assist with the new baby, cleaning help and the myriad medical bills that may not be covered within the insurance policy, etc.) concerned friends, under the leadership of Dr. Yan Lemeshev, are creating the Robkin Family Medical Expense Fund.


Those wishing to make donations can send checks to:

DATA, 5840 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230
with a memo: Robkin Family Medical Expense Fund 


You may also donate via credit card by calling DATA at 214-987-3282 or by clicking on (again please be sure to indicate that the donation is being directed to the medical fund.)


The Robkins can use help with someone coming to help out at the house, childcare… this coming Saturday and Sunday evenings from 5-8P.M. If you are able to help please call Devorah Zakon at (972)596-5196

This coming Shabbos Saturday October 31 we will be having a Shabbaton! We will be having a communal lunch (not dinner) following services. Please join!

To sponsor the luncheon please contact Rabbi Zakon.

Suggested donation $18 per family

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    Hatzlocha raba.

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