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Apr 6th, 2009 by yrobkin | 0

Tuesday April 17

   Search for chametz begins   8:37 pm

   After searching : Nullification


Wednesday April 8

   Fast of the first born    begins 5:54 am

  (siyum at Ohr HaTora after their 6:43 am Shacharis)    

   Bircas HaChama (blessing on the sun) after sunrise 7:06 am 

   Latest chametz eating   10:56 am

   Latest Chametz burning   12:12 pm


Wednesday night

   Eruv Tavshilim is performed

   Candle lighting   7:34 pm

   First Seder   8:38 pm

   Midnight    1:29 am


Thursday April 9

   No seder preparations until 8:38 pm

   Candle lighting with pre-existing flame not until 8:38 pm

   Midnight   1:29 am

Friday April 10

   Candle lighting with pre-existing flame   7 pm


Tuesday Aril 14

   Candle lighting   7 pm


Wednesday April 15

   Candle lighting with pre-existing flame not before 8:43


Thursday April 16

   Those who sold chametz cannot eat their chametz until 10 pm

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