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Class on Kashering for Pesach & Shabbaton with a New York Twist!

Mar 16th, 2009 by yrobkin | 0

Class on Pesach Kashering:

Tommorrow night (the 17th) Rabbi Klein will be explaining the details of how to kasher your home for Pesach, and discuss many of the kosher for Pesach products available on the market. 8 pm at DATA of Plano


Shabbaton March 20 – 21

There will be an exciting Shabbaton this upcoming weekend at DATA of Plano!  Friday night davening at 7pm followed by dinner at the center.

Shabbos morning 8:45 am traditional service folowed by stories and inpsiration from a number of the men who joined us on the DATA of Plano trip to New York! Don’t miss hearing all about our amzing experiences.  Lunch to follow.

Kiddush is sponsered by Staci and Adam Kimmel in honor of their tenth anniversary.  Mazal tov!

Help needed!

We need someone who can shop for the shabbaton foods.  If available please contact Devora Zakon.

We need women to help with the cooking this Wed. night at DATA of Plano from 7:30 pm.  Please contact Devora Zakon if available.

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