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Updated: Urgent: Town Hall Meeting @ DATA of Plano – Thurs. Jan. 15

Jan 15th, 2009 by nzakon | 0

Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!

This Thursday evening, January 15th at 8:00 P.M. there will be a Town Hall meeting at DATA of Plano. The discussion will be to decide the permanent location for DATA of Plano.

We are experiencing exciting times as DATA of Plano continues to grow and flourish. With this growth big decisions lie ahead of us. We all feel ready to begin the community building process in Plano (Rabbi Yogi has just signed a contract to sell his home in the Ohr HaTorah neighborhood, and will be moving to Plano in around 6 weeks!), and decisions pertaining to the location of our community must be made in the coming weeks.

We want to hear your voice and opinions on the matter and invite you to a monumentous DATA of Plano Town Hall Meeting this Thursday night (Jan.15) at DATA of Plano at 8 pm. Because of the importance of this meeting to the future of your community we request that everyone make it a priority to attend. Married couples please arrange a babysitter if needed to allow both husband and wife to attend! This is your opportunity to express your thoughts…please don’t miss it!

A note about the meeting: This meeting is not intended to be a forum for any idea that you may have about the future location of DATA of Plano. Rabbi Yogi and Rabbi Zakon have spent tens and tens of hours researching a number of options for the location of the community, and have had the opportunity to speak to many of you at length about your own thoughts on the matter. An open ended meeting will not yield the opportunity to discuss the options which seem at this point the most feasable. We hope you understand this point, and encourage any of you who feel that an important location option for DATA of Plano that is not of yet on the discussion table for the meeting to please contact Rabbis Zakon and Robkin prior to the meeting.

We would like to present to you ahead of time the three options which seem most feasable at this point in time so that you can consider them and come prepared with your thoughts Thursday night. In this email I will not mention the potential pros and cons of each option.

  1. Although the current Center is of course temporary, we committ to developing the community in the area around the center (the Parker and Independence area). When the right opportunity presents itself to purchase a permanent facility in the area we will do so.
  2. We hold off on choosing a permanent location for the community and hope that a good opportunity to buy/rent something in a “better” location comes up in the near future. Those who choose to live near the current center will be encouraged to rent, not buy their homes.
  3. We locate an exact location which is deemed better for the community to be developed and buy/rent a center there immediately. All people considering moving into the communty will be encouraged to buy homes in that other area.

Thank you for your involvement with DATA of Plano and we look forward to greeting and discussing with you at this weeks Town Hall Meeting!

See you there – 8:00 P.M. on Thursday, January 15th.


Rabbi Nasanya Zakon & Rabbi Yogi Robkin
Directors, DATA of Plano
DATA-The Dallas Kollel
Building Unity Through Learning

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